Who we are

Leonie Anstey

Grumpy Cat

Leonie is an Educational Consultant in Instructional Leadership and Mathematics & Numeracy Education. She currently holds a Masters of Education, based on research of the Skills and Knowledge for Mathematics Teacher Coaching. Leonie was formally a Principal in Victoria/Australia for 6 years and has worked as a Teacher/Principal Coach for 5 years. Leonie’s teaching background includes Senior Secondary (Mathematics/Physics), Primary. She has also supported Early Childhood settings to implement Mathematics and Science strategies.

In 2010, Leonie was presented with the prestigious Lindsay Thompson Fellowship for her work in raising mathematics achievement for middle years students across a network of schools. The fellowship focused on Instructional Leadership at the school, district and national levels in America, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

Leonie has presented at National and International conferences on Mathematics, Leadership and Thinking. Topics have included Professional Learning Teams, Questioning, Australian Curriculum and Leadership practices.

Matthew Sexton

Matt is a mathematics educator, who is passionate about students developing their understanding of concepts. He draws on his knowledge and experiences as a primary school teacher, numeracy coordinator, mathematics school advisor, and academic to support schools and systems towards continuous improvement and growth.

Matt is also the Director of the Mathematics Teaching and Learning Centre (MTLC) and a Lecturer in mathematics education at the Australian Catholic University (Melbourne Campus).

Matt’s current PhD research is focused on the leadership of mathematics education in primary school settings. This study focuses on exploring the motivations of School Mathematics Leaders/Numeracy Coordinators who support classroom teachers through school-based professional learning. Matt enjoys researching what influences and mediates the decisions of principals and leadership teams.

Russell McCartney

Russell is a Maths coaching specialist with more than 10 years’ experience. He started as part of the Victoria’s Network (cluster) Coaching Program under the guidance of Leonie Anstey. He has worked as both an ‘in school’ and specialist mathematics coach. Russell has developed a deep understanding of effective teaching and learning approaches particularly in Mathematics. Besides coaching Russell has extensive experience in leading PLTs and PLCs., he assists teachers to explore how they might engage students in rich tasks and differentiate student learning.

He shares his experience willingly at professional development days and with teachers one on one. Known for his open and approachable style, Russell has garnered a reputation for improving student engagement in mathematics classrooms as well as deepening specific content knowledge. He works with teams to collect and analyse data and plan for the next level of student learning. He is now currently employed as a Numeracy Teaching and Learning Specialist and Maths Coach for the department of Education and Training Victoria.

Chris Terlich

Grumpy Cat Chris is an experienced classroom teacher (2004- current) and mathematics education coach, who has a passion for mathematics education and exploring how to ensure all students can develop high levels of mathematics understanding. After beginning his career in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, he currently teaches in rural Victoria (Australia). Chris has held leading teacher positions since 2007, and has enjoyed acting Principal roles with a strong emphasis on Instructional leadership.

Chris is a Primary Maths Specialist (since 2016), working with coaches across a network of schools to improve student achievement in Mathematics. This team conducted Professional Learning sessions for schools and networks. He works with teams and individual teachers within and across schools using Lesson Study approaches, modelled lessons and peer observation.